Our team working on this initiative has extensive experience in various fields.

Prof Deon Rossouw – Chief Executive Officer (The Ethics Institute)
Role in project: Strategic Advisor

Deon Rossouw studied at Stellenbosch University where he also was chairman of the student representative council. His academic career started at Rand Afrikaans University in Johannesburg where he became Professor and Head of the Philosophy Department and served on the Executive Committee of the University. In 2004, he moved to the University of Pretoria where he was Head of the Philosophy Department and Director of the Centre for Business and Professional Ethics. During 2008 to 2009, he spent a year as Program Executive for Business Ethics at the Globethics.net Foundation in Geneva, Switzerland. Currently he is the CEO of The Ethics Institute based in South Africa and Extraordinary Professor in Philosophy at the University of Stellenbosch.

Deon Rossouw is an internationally recognized expert in Business Ethics and the Ethics of Corporate Governance. He wrote several books on business ethics and published in leading international journals. He was the Founding President of the Business Ethics Network of Africa (BEN-Africa) and served as President of the International Society of Business, Economics and Ethics (ISBEE).
He served as a member of the Research Team for the Second King Report on Corporate Governance, and was a member of the Sustainability Committee of the Third King Report on Corporate Governance for South Africa. He currently serves on the main committee of the Fourth King Report on Corporate Governance in South Africa. He has been recognized as a Chartered Director by the Institute of Directors of South Africa.

Deon has extensive training and consulting experience in the private, public and professional sectors in South Africa, but also in other African countries and in Europe. He serves in both executive and non-executive capacity as director on a number of boards.

Prof Leon van Vuuren – Executive Director (The Ethics Institute)
Role in project: Project Director

Leon holds the position of Executive Director: Professional and Business Ethics at The Ethics Institute (TEI). Prior to joining TEI in July 2014, he was a professor in Industrial Psychology at the University of Johannesburg where he taught industrial psychology and business and professional ethics for 26 years. He currently holds the position of Adjunct Professor in Organisational Psychology at the University of Cape Town (UCT).
During 2015 he was appointed by the South African Minister of Health to serve a second five-year term on the Professional Board for Psychology of the HPCSA. In this capacity he is a member of the Executive Committee of the Board and the Chairperson of the Committee for Preliminary Inquiry (Ethics Committee).
Leon has published numerous articles in international and national scholarly journals. He is co-author of Business Ethics (6th ed., 2017) and is the editor of a number of handbooks. He was the founding editor of the African Journal of Business Ethics. Insofar as organisational ethics (training and advisory services) is concerned, he focuses specifically on ethical leadership training, the training of Boards and Executive Committees on ethics matters, organisational ethical culture change and the implementation of ethics management functions.

Celia Lourens
Role in project: Project Manager/Ethics Associate

Celia holds a National Diploma in Marketing from Technicon Pretoria (now TUT), a Bachelors in Commerce in Business Management and an Honors with specialization in Business Management from the University of South Africa. She is currently completing a Master’s Degree in Business Management: Strategy at the University of Pretoria. Celia has extensive international experience in the strategic integration of marketing services, communications, business development and fundraising. She served as the project manager on a previous five-year initiative in Mozambique during Siemens Round II. As project manager her responsibility includes internationally funded initiatives, in countries such as Angola, Mozambique, and South Africa. She serves as the Secretariat for a Coalition for Ethical Operations in South Africa and is responsible for TEI’s high-level sponsor relationships. She provides project management to mainstream a supply chain ethics awareness training programme in Kenya, Ghana and South Africa. Celia is a certified Ethics Officer.

Dr Paul Vorster
Role in project: Research Specialist

Dr. Paul Vorster earned a Doctor of Philosophy degree in industrial/organisational psychology at the University of Johannesburg in 2016. He specializes in psychometric assessment/measurement and research and has worked in areas of applied research, psychometrics, test-development, safety, employee selection, and assessment.
From 2011-2015 Paul worked at JvR Psychometrics where he focused on applied organisational research, test construction and psychometric assessment. Paul recently completed his PhD at the University of Johannesburg specialising in the computer adaptive testing of personality under the tutelage of Prof. G. P. de Bruin. In 2016, Paul joined The Ethics Institute as an internal research specialist focusing on quantitative research design, survey construction, and behavioural predictors to ethical behaviour.

His primary areas of interest include quantitative research, statistical analysis, computer adaptive testing, personality psychology, item response theory, behavioural aspects of moral reasoning and conduct, and applied research. Paul also holds a strong interest in the areas of leadership profiling and selection and often gives advice to organisations on leader selection and development using psychometric inventories. He currently holds an academic affiliation with the University of Johannesburg’s Department of Industrial Psychology and People Management and is a member of the International Test Commission (ITC) as well as a founding member of the World Congress of Personality. Paul was also awarded the Professor Johann Schepers Award for psychometric excellence in 2016 for his contribution to psychometric research and development in South Africa.

Barbara Mommen
Role in project: Project Associate/Ethics Associate

Barbara Mommen has worked extensively in both the public and private sectors in various capacities in middle and senior management over the past 30 years. More recently, and prior to joining the Maputo Corridor Logistics Initiative as COO in 2006, she managed Nelspruit’s Lowveld Chamber of Business, where in a short three-year period succeeded in raising the profile and reach of the organisation to provincial capital city status.

Barbara joined MCLI as COO in 2006 and was appointed CEO of MCLI in 2011. She held that position until the end of February 2019 and succeeded in streamlining the organisation’s management structures and widening the reach and scope of the organisation to include the Kingdom of Eswatini. She initiated the redrafting of the bilateral agreement which had been in place between South Africa and Mozambique since 1996 to include the Kingdom of Eswatini and to ensure that economic and infrastructure improvements critical to the success of the Maputo Development Corridor continue to serve the region in an inclusive partnership of public and private sector.

This is a process which continues under the auspices of the Southern Africa Development Community. She is a trade and transport corridor development specialist with an acuity for regional economic development issues and enabling the critical link between policy and implementation. She has, accordingly, developed extensive experience and expertise in process facilitation and stakeholder engagement and is passionate about collaboration across sectors to see Africa’s economic potential realised. She established Coalescence Consulting in March 2019. Barbara is a certified ethics officer.

Fernanda Fazenda
Role in project: Project Associate

Fernanda holds a Bachelor’s Commerce in tourism management and honours in business management respectively from the University of South Africa and Instituto Pedagogico de Mozambique. She frequently serves as moderator during conferences and facilitates many high-level discussion and negotiations. Fernanda served as Executive director for ACIS Mozambique, one of largest commercial and service associations. She also acted as country Manager for Mozambique and Angola with a Multichoice Africa Project and in previous engagements worked with Vodacom in a different capacity. She has an extensive international work experience in telecommunications, sales and marketing, business development, commercial and management. Her widespread experience working in different markets such as Angola, Mozambique, Zambia, United States of America and South Africa. Fernanda is currently pursuing her certification as Ethics Officer and works closely with the project team at The Ethics Institute to advance ethics awareness.